References for the Faiseur de vin®: more than 20 clients, forming the core of our activity, mostly in Bordeaux, but also in the south-east of France, in Ukraine, in Spain and in Morocco.

A personalised approach according to the needs of each of our clients.

References Olivier Dauga

Sylvie Levieux, Château Roques Mauriac
« My meeting with Olivier in 2003 is quite well summed up in this phrase: "Go, Live and Become!" Go and see what is happening around you; live, experiment, and move; and become an owner in phase with your time! »

Frédéric Borderie, Château les Gravières de la Brandille
« I appreciate Olivier for what he doesn’t do: he doesn’t dictate, he doesn’t apply a format, he doesn’t delegate. But more importantly of course, for what he is: intuitive, attentive, responsive... »

Michèle Roux, Château La Pirouette
« The advantage of an external consultant is his outside viewpoint, having someone who asks the questions about what needs to be done. I like the fact that he doesn’t create a "Dauga", but rather a "Pirouette". »

Hervé Lhuillier, Château Fleur Haut Gaussens
« Olivier helped me in the design of the vineyard and selection of the barrels. He also casts an eye over new plots that I may consider buying. »

Château Clos Saint-Emilion Philippe Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
« Working with Olivier is first of all an encounter with a man showing trust and respect, with honest and clear reports. It is team work with a friendly spirit, done in a simple and humble way, and only with a view to improving the wine. All this in a forward-looking and modern atmosphere. »
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Hervé Descourvières, Château Macay
« I want to be able to increase the sales price of my wines, and that is only possible by developing a brand image. I believe in the strength of the brand, and I find that Olivier has understood this very well. He doesn’t talk about wine in the traditional way, he is not like a traditional consultant and he also uses unusual methods. »
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